Our Mission

In 2017, Sachin Mahajan and Chef Ajay embarked on a gastronomic journey, joining forces to introduce Karma to the world. With a mission to showcase traditional Indian cooking techniques, coupled with inventive ingredient combinations, contemporary plating, and exceptional table service, Karma Modern Indian emerged as a beacon of contemporary Indian cuisine.

At Karma, we redefine the Indian dining experience, making it the ideal choice for any occasion, whether professional or personal. Our commitment extends to a meticulously curated Beverage program, featuring delightful cocktails and a stellar wine selection that complements our culinary expertise.

Our approach to Indian cooking is a harmonious blend of traditional and modern flavors. We honor age-old cooking techniques, source quality ingredients, and grind our own spices in-house for a truly authentic culinary experience.

In 2024, we are thrilled to introduce our Chef tasting menu, offering a 6-course or 9-course culinary voyage through the Indian subcontinent. Elevating the experience, each course is paired with exceptional wines, delivering a pinnacle of Indian fine dining.

The essence of “Karma” reflects the impact our actions have on our lives and the lives of others. True to our name, we take pride in giving back, allocating a portion of our sales to local and global charities that support children in impoverished communities worldwide.

We look forward to hosting you at Karma.
Sachin Mahajan, and Chef Ajay Kumar

What Goes Around Comes Around

As the name “Karma” relays, we are proud to donate a portion of our sales to local and global charities that aim to help children in impoverished communities at home and around the world.

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